5 Tips For Buying Watersports Equipment | Gear for Boating

Posted by Fuel Media Inc on April 09, 2013@ 08:02pm

Only a couple more months until we will be back into the summer swing! I am sure many of you are getting impatient, especially those who are eager to get out in your brand new boat, or “new to you” used boat! Whether you have a MasterCraft, other sport boat, or own a runabout already, you need the equipment to go along with it. We suggest reading this short blog that has a few tips to consider when looking for a cool wakeboard, ski, or surf for this season!

  1. Weight matters | Who will the main rider be? Wakeboards, waterskis, surfs, and wakeskates all vary in shape and size. All are based loosely on rider height and more on weight. We often see people who are looking for a board to fit more than one person. This only works if they are within a range on 30-60 lbs. The odds get more slim when foot size is entered into the equation. For optimal safety, performance, and fun, it’s best to have a board that is specific to the rider!
  2. Ability matters | What ability level are you? Not only does the right board/ski depend on your height and weight, but also your riding experience. Whether you are beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider, there are different boards made to suit the level you are at. Having the proper equipment that matches your ability level makes for a smooth, and successful learning experience. We have seen many novice riders give up early by being frustrated. Could it be that they are riding the wrong board? Also, friends’ “gifts” that are outdated can make for injury proned riding.
  3. Kids Matter | The right boards and skis for kids, too! If you are looking to purchase equipment for your children most companies offer a selection of junior equipment. Please, do not attempt to stick your child on your board/ski – especially if they are a beginner. For the optimal learning experience you definitely want the size to be perfect for them.
  4. Shop Prepared | Know your specs. It can be pretty straightforward as to what ability level you are at, but it can be a mystery for those who aren’t familiar with purchasing equipment as to what the perfect size of ski or board is for you. Good watersports stores should know this information cold. Also, many company websites usually have online sizing charts. Once you narrow down your size – it’s time to start shopping!
  5. Brands Matter | Which do you choose?! There are numerous brands of skis and boards on the market today. CWB, Connelly, Ronix, RadaR, Hyperlite, O’Brien, HO to name a few of the top sellers. First thing I recommend is to check out your local Marina Pro Shop and see what brands they carry. They will also be able to give you a little extra help in finding the perfect board or ski, and brand for you. If that option is not available to you, and you are looking to purchase online, it is best to google some companies and read their reviews. Once you’ve found a couple that feel right to you, check out their board and ski selection. Often their equipment is sorted into categories based on rider level. Once you have found your category, check out the options of boards in it. Each board or ski usually comes in 2 or 3 different sizes to assure you find the best for you.

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