About Us

We are a third generation family marine business on the Big Rideau Lake. Located in Portland Ontario, on the Rideau Canal system.

We believe that boating should bring you happiness, joy, and peace of mind. It should move you closer to family, friends, and/or nature, and should be an escape from life’s stresses; where your time is truly yours. You deserve more fun on the water, and a better return for your hard earned money.

Len’s Cove is committed to delivering the best boating by competing with ourselves, not other boat dealers. We are better today than we were yesterday, and will be better tomorrow than we are today. We love what we do and just happen to sell amazing boats, and provide incredible boating services on Big Rideau Lake.

If you believe in that also, then we are likely a good fit for your boating needs.

One way we demonstrate that commitment and stand behind it, is the Len’s Cove Assurance Plan. Regardless of whether you ever need any of these things, the fact that we are passionate enough about why we are here, how we do it, and what we do, hopefully speaks to the experience you can expect.


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