MasterCraft is known for building the world’s best ski, wakeboard and luxury performance powerboats, year after year. Lens Cove Marina is the authorized MasterCraft dealer in the Ottawa and Kingston, Canada region. We are passionate about wakeboarding, wakesurfing, water skiing and all other water sports available on Big Rideau Lake, which is why we are proud to sell the best sikboats and towboats in the industry.

From speakers to software, MasterCraft is revealing exciting new features for 2020. Our boats are looking better than ever with cool new color options for your interior, sleeker dash and helm design and brand new towers will keep you riding in style. We also upgraded your driving experience with a rear-facing camera and lights as well as new, intuitive software offering fine-tuned options for driving, chilling and towing. Keeping water sports in mind, we redesigned our board racks to let you stow and go with unprecedented ease. And now every MasterCraft boat is tricked out with premium, custom-engineered Klipsch speakers made specifically for on-water action.

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The MasterCraft Star Series is a family of boats designed to push the limits of what’s possible behind a boat. The ProStar is the highest-performing inboard ski boat ever created. And the XStar serves up the biggest, baddest wake in the industry. The MasterCraft Star Series is the choice of pros and joe’s, earning endless world records, personal bests and progressive new tricks. Proof that these boats are legendary pulling machines!

The MasterCraft X Series contains the best of the best – where refinement and sophistication meet performance and power. Each one is sport tuned, fully automated, highly customizable and optioned to the max. IT’S ALL PREMIUM, everything from stem to stern.

The MasterCraft XT Series is the crossover that has it all – all the sizes, all of the sports, all of the awesome, and none of what you don’t need. Way above entry level but not designed to overwhelm you with extras either. Dial in the perfect XT for you and your family and get after it all summer long.

The MasterCraft NXT Series is for those who want to have the best time possible, all summer long, but don’t have unlimited resources to drop on every single extra. It’s attainable awesomeness, built with unmatched Mastercraft quality and performance! There’s an NXT for everybody at a price that won’t sink your wallet.

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