Len’s Cove Rewards Program




Accrue account credits for every qualified purchase and save
hundreds off your next new or pre-owned unit AND save on future
visits too!


Easy to Use:

How do I know how much is in my earnings account?

You may access your account balance by logging onto our website
using the form on this page in the upper right hand corner. Also,
we will send you an email every month updating you on your current


Do Rewards Dollars expire?

No, use them up anytime, or let them grow. (Sorry, no change or
account credits will be given).

What is excluded from the program?

Purchase of “units” (boats, trailers, engines, packages) do not
accumulate reward dollars. However, you can use your accumulated
boat reward dollars towards the purchase of boat packages. Also, you
can earn dollars for buying gas, but rewards dollars can not be
redeemed towards gas purchases.

Can I pay off my account?

No, the program is for “new purchases” ONLY – no exceptions. At the
time of purchase or booking the work, you must state that you want to
use your reward dollars toward the purchase.