Your Right Boat



Purchase any in stock new boat, approved ordered new boat*, or Len’s Cove Certified Used Boat**, and we will Assure you that is the Right boat for you. If not, you can trade it back to us for a boat of equal or greater value and receive your FULL PURCHASE PRICE BACK as trade value***.


How confident are we that we can help you get the RIGHT boat? Very! This is an industry first offer that demonstrates just how much passion we have for helping you get into the RIGHT boat for you.


People often try to sell you the right priced boat, or the right looking boat (essentially the “right now” boat)! At Len’s Cove we take a longer term view, and dig deeper by asking more questions. We work with you to identify a boat that is right for the most important person…you! If we don’t get it right, or your needs change drastically, you are protected.


If we don’t have the right boat (which is rare, and yet can happen) we will try and help steer you in the right direction.


* – A custom ordered boat can qualify for the trade guarantee if we feel that was in fact the right boat for you, and a boat we feel is able to sell in our market. We will give you a signed certificate stating so at the time of delivery.
** – A Len’s Cove Certified boat is one that is 10 years old or less, gets a complete mechanical inspection by our factory certified technicians and meets the same “market” condition as above.
*** – To qualify for the trade value (full price), you must put a deposit of a equivalent or higher value in stock or ordered boat from Len’s Cove, within 4 months of taking delivery (seatrial) of the “assured” boat. This is a one time offer, and can only be exercised once, per customer.