Your Right Location



By having an on the water location since 1958, on the Big Rideau Lake, we are uniquely positioned between Kingston, Ottawa, the Thousand Islands / St. Lawrence, Land O’ Lakes region, and the Ottawa River.

What does that mean to you? Everything! We are water based – not land. We run boats EVERYDAY, and deal with on-the-water customers, boaters, and cottagers EVERYDAY. We learn from the close interaction. We live the life with the boaters, we see the issues, and get really good at repairing them. Better still, we see them coming and deal with them before you ever know about them.

You know what it is like when you have company over for the weekend, or dinner? That feeling that everything needs to be right, in it’s place, and clean. That’s the feeling we have everyday at Len’s Cove.

The water on the Big Rideau Lake allows us to find calm water when we want it, rough water to test boats in, and lots of space to try things out and make sure they are right. It is a piece of heaven, and we are proud to call it home.

We are also right in the exact center of Eastern Ontario Boating! Ottawa – 1 hour, Kingston – 45 minutes, Thousand Islands – 45 minutes, Pembroke – 1.75 hours. Where ever your boating takes you, we are never that far away.

Big Rideau Lake - Ken Watson